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Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski was a contract killer who was suspected of killing at least 100 people during his active time.

Early Life Edit

He was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on April 11th, 1935. He experienced a tremendous amount of abuse from his parents, Stanley Kuklinski and Anna McNally. Stanley was the main abuser, often beating his wife and four children when intoxicated, mad, or both. Richard's eldest brother and only friend, Florian, was beaten to death by his father when Richard was 5 years old. Stanley and Anna were questioned by the police and lied, saying that Florian's death was caused by accidentally falling down a flight of stairs. This event led Richard to despise Stanley for the remainder of his days.

As a child, Richard was shy, awkward, and repeatedly bullied. Other kids would insult his appearance and call him names. This combination of isolation and abuse would mold him into the adult he became.

Stanley eventually had an affair and disappeared, leaving Anna as a single mother. In order to provide for her children, she took a job at a meat-packing factory. Being a very religious woman, Anna would often pray and seek refuge at her church, and later forced Richard to become an altar boy there. Richard grew to hate his time in Catholic school, where he was often beaten by the nuns and priests for misbehaving. This lead to him hating religion and his mother.

He released his anger out on stray animals by maiming and killing them. Such acts included beating and burning cats and setting dogs on fire.

Later on, his family moved into a new neighborhood, where he would commit his first murder.

The First Murder Edit

Richard was 13 years old when a group of boys, called "The Project Boys", ganged up on him. They insulted and beat him severely, then left. Wanting revenge, Richard sought the leader of the group, Charley Lane, and eventually beat him with a wooden dowl and dumped his body off a bridge in South Jersey. He made sure to remove evidence of Charley's identity, including cutting off his fingertip and pulling teeth. The body was never found. After the incident, he was reported saying "I will never allow anybody to fucking abuse me ever again."

Adolescence Edit

He formed a group called the "Coming of Roses", who stole items from warehouses and wealthy individuals.